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CLEAN CUT KID are playing Newcastle’s Think Tank? February 28

CLEAN CUT KID are currently supporting Fickle Friends on their massive UK tour. I spoke to Evelyn Halls about her return to the north east, festivals and sushi!

How is the tour going so far?

“We did three dates with them last week then we took a couple of days off for our own gigs. We have another three weeks in total with them. They are really fun to tour with and they are really nice guys. They are into the same music as us so it is great backstage. Chris (Fickle Friends) and Mike (Clean Cut Kid) have been having hour long pedal-offs so that is fun.”

What kind of reception have you received?

“The crowds have been really good. Most of the crowds are into our stuff. It was not just Vitamin C or Pick Me Up, they seem to know our sets and have learnt the songs. Pick Me Up seems to be the one that gets people going. Even songs that have not been released yet are going down well so I get the impression that they are coming to see us equally as much as Fickle Friends which is a nice surprise.”

The last time you played the north east was for Mixtape in Middlesbrough – do you remember much of it?

“That was so long ago! (October) We were flying out to New York a couple of hours after. I was so excited because it was the first time I was back to play a show with the band. We felt proper rock n roll to be doing a gig then going straight to America.”

Do you expect to see new faces at the Newcastle show?

“Yeah! What I am hoping is that there is some love for Clean Cut Kid in Newcastle because we have not played there as a band before. The closest we have played is Middlesbrough which is sort of my hometown so we were not too worried about getting numbers. From what I have heard that there has been some rallying round to put on a minibus from Middlesbrough to Newcastle. It might be the same people but Fickle Friends’ fans will hopefully enjoy us.”

What do you love most about Newcastle?

“We are all into sushi and there are so many places to get it in Newcastle. I have not been in ages but all of my family live there. My favourite thing is the LIFE Centre, is that still there?”

Yes! It is actually attached to the venue you are playing at.

“Oh my God! That is amazing! The virtual reality ride in the LIFE Centre is amazing! I have to get the boys on that!”

What else are you looking forward to?

“Just going around the city centre. I love Newcastle, it is so much bigger than Liverpool. You can make your own mini cities within it. It is going to be great. I am just hoping it is not freezing!”

What is the plan after the tour?

“We have a couple more singles to release before the album. We hope to get the album out by the end of the year, there is definitely one in the pipeline but we are thinking of the right time to get it out away from the festival season. That is so important and kind of overshadows a lot of stuff.”

Which festivals can we expect to see you at this year?

“We have so many booked in! I think there are 15 booked in now from May to September. We have Barn On The Farm, Live At Leeds and we are going out to Texas to play SXSW.”

Who would headline your ideal festival?

“We would go old school and get Bruce Springsteen! Hopefully we could convince Courtney Cox to come onstage for Dancing In The Dark.”

Tickets for Fickle Friends/Clean Cut Kid are available from See Tickets.


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