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CAGE THE ELEPHANT brought chaos to Newcastle. Featured image by @collettesidders.

CAGE THE ELEPHANT caused chaos at Newcastle Riverside from the first note to the very last.

When I spoke to front-man Matt Shultz he said: “We always allow the live shows to take their own form.” His words were not even close to how wild their live performance is.

From the moment they took to the stage the sold-out crowd surged forwards and backwards, smashing into the sound desk every few seconds. It was madness. Security had to be placed between the sound desk and barrier to prevent fans being crushed into equipment.

What did they expect when the first two songs of the night were Cry Baby and In One Ear? Cage The Elephant added to the already wild atmosphere by saying: “It has been a long time since we played here. It is a pleasure to be back.”

It is rare nowadays for a front-man to only play vocals in a band. Shultz took a ‘backseat’ role in Cage The Elephant. Actually, no. This was not backseat. He was in the driving seat. Taking the crowd and himself on a kamikaze journey. Frequently throwing himself into the crowd and on top of bandmates, Matt Shultz’ energy was insane.

Matt Shultz donned a baggy, silk shirt. As the night progressed, the buttons loosened and by the end of the gig it was fully off.

Melophobia and Tell Me I’m Pretty dominated the setlist. Stand out tracks from Melophobia were Spiderhead, Come A Little Closer and It’s Just Forever.

The Bowling Green, Kentucky band included Sweetie Little Jean, Mess Around and Punchin’ Bag from latest album Tell Me I’m Pretty. Alongside these was the usually relaxed ballad Trouble. Shultz pointed the microphone to the crowd before somehow turning it into another mental anthem.

Highlight of the evening was the penultimate track. Cigarette Daydream. It is possibly Cage The Elephant’s biggest hit and the crowd briefly calmed down as Shultz crooned through it.

No show is complete without a Matt Shultz crowd walk. Leaping right across the barrier into the adoring fans, he managed to stand up and continue the wild antics while upright.

It is difficult to think of a band that display the same energy and passion that Cage The Elephant brought to Newcastle.

Support came from Chrome Pony. A band that merges the sounds of Kings of Leon and Cage The Elephant to create slick, southern rock music.

Order Tell Me I’m Pretty here.

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