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ELIZA AND THE BEAR played feel-good-indie-pop to Stockton

ELIZA AND THE BEAR brought their feel-good-indie-pop to Stockton’s Georgian Theatre.

Unlike other boy bands, Eliza and the Bear (EATB) did not draw in a crowd of admiring teenage girls. They drew in a venue packed with middle aged music lovers that soaked up the positive, upbeat music.

The five-piece came on stage around 10pm and started their hour long set with Lion’s Heart. From this first track to the eleventh, the quality from the band was showcased and EATB deserved to be playing a larger venue that the intimate Georgian Theatre.

It was a strange experience to not be surrounded by wild, energetic fans. However, towards the (non-existing) barrier, younger fans were jumping around and throwing their limbs everywhere – especially when they were told” “Let me see your hands!” during Talk.

Tracks such as Oxygen, Cruel and Upon The North were played. But it was towards the end of the set when EATB played better known songs that the crowd went nuts.

Because of the venue’s size, there were no ‘wings’ for the band to wait in while fans chant “One more song!” over and over again. Instead, they left the stage via a staircase leading to literally nothing before returning seconds later.

Frontman James Kellegher told fans: “In 2014 we made an album.”Said album will finally be released in April. If it is as good as their live performance was, Eliza and the Bear will receive the appreciation they deserve.

Highlight of the evening was the first song of their encore – Friends. Having featured on an advert for Bulmers and received airplay on Radio 1, the crowd erupted when it started playing. This was the penultimate track.

Before EATB left Stockton’s stage for good, Kellegher shouted: “You have one more chance to lose your shit!” before playing their, in my opinion, biggest hit – It Gets Cold. This was the moment we had all been waiting for in terms of atmosphere. Everyone, even the elder members of the crowd, danced to it. It Gets Cold topped off a wonderful evening.

Two support acts warmed the crowd up. First on stage was acoustic Scottish soloist Michael Cassidy. Following him was Welsh duo Into The Ark. Both were enjoyable.

Pre-order Eliza and the Bear’s self titled debut album here on deluxe CD.


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