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THE FRONT BOTTOMS played a 17 song set at Newcastle’s Riverside

THE FRONT BOTTOMS played hits from latest album Back On Top to a sold out Newcastle Riverside. Tracks from debut self-titled album, Talon Of The Hawk and Rose EP were also on the setlist.

The New Jersey band came on stage just before 9pm as giant T F B letters inflated behind them.

Opening with Skeleton, the crowd went mental with every strum of Brian Sella’s guitar and beat of Mathew Uychich’s drums.

Sella sucked up to the Newcastle crowd by saying: “This is such a beautiful town.”

Classics such as The Beers and Lipstick Covered Magnet were belted out by both the band and fans. When The Front Bottoms’ biggest hit Flashlight was dropped, the sold out Riverside crowd erupted.

I had been waiting for what seemed an eternity to see The Front Bottoms and it was worth every second. With arena and stadium gigs lined up for me this year, I think that this is going to be the stand out gig of 2016.

The highlight of the whole gig for me personally was when West Virginia was played. Sella changed the lyrics from: “This is for all my friends in West Virginia” to “This is for all my friends in Newcastle.” A touching moment showing the band’s gratitude to everyone who has supported them over the years.

On the album version of Historic Cemetery, GDP (Matt Miller) raps at the end of the song. As The Front Bottoms played the track there was a feeling that it would be left out. Then, out of nowhere, BAM! GDP appears on stage and executes said rap brilliantly.

Sella showed his admiration to GDP by saying: “He’s a poet.” The Newcastle crowd chanted back: “And he doesn’t know it.” This went straight over the band’s heads. British humour, ey?

The four-piece left the stage briefly after Laugh Till I Cry, fittingly departing as the final line of the song, “Party is over, time to go,” was sung.

The usual: “One more song” chant from the crowd lasted for about one minute before Brian Sella returned with an improv guitar solo. Jokingly saying: “You’ve been great,” he pretended to leave the stage.

Thankfully Sella stayed and broke into Twelve Feet Deep. Followed onto the stage by Ciaran O’Donnell, then Uychich and Tom Warren.

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HITS from 2011-2015 were performed by The Front Bottoms

Wild fans showed their appreciation to The Front Bottoms by giving a rapturous applause and cheer as they closed the set with Talon Of The Hawk favourite Twin Size Mattress.

Support came from Kevin Devine And The God Damn Band. Warming the crowd up nicely they received a splendid reception. Kevin was at the merch desk afterwards and was very humble to everyone who complimented their set.

Hopefully The Front Bottoms are at some UK festivals this summer and return to the north east soon.


  1. GoodnightTheSkye says:

    I loved this! I just posted my review of The Front Bottoms’ Leeds show, and it’s super interesting to see how the two gigs differed. I agree about Kevin being super humble, he gained a lot of new fans just by being sweet and kind. Keep up the good posts~ ❤


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