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GUFRA have released their debut EP.

HARTLEPOOL band GUFRA have just dropped their debut EP.

Produced by Christopher Milnes (Campfires), fans were given a preview of what to expect when EP opener Maze Park was released on Gufra’s SoundCloud.

After the slow, emotional first track, the EP moves into the groovy Tempest.

I am getting hints of Jaws, Peace and Mac DeMarco in terms of instrumentation. Vocals are still distant and ghostly – creating a lovely combination all round.

An interlude, simply titled Interlude, features on EP. It showcases an instrumental by the band, staying clear of vocals to show listeners exactly what they are capable of away from lyrics and harmonies.

Feel has a ‘darker’ approach than the rest of the otherwise upbeat EP. Lyrics such as: “I don’t think I’m cut out for this,” gives a pining sound and the image of need and desire. Atmospheric and repetitive guitars echo blissfully throughout the four-minute track.

This echoey sound continues on penultimate dream-pop track Live Slowly is the penultimate piece on EP. It has a very obvious Jaws vibe, but with a ‘looser’, more relaxed and laid back attitude towards it.

Murky Water closes the EP. Previously released on SoundCloud as a demo, Murky Water is a typical very feel-good, indie-pop Gufra track. It is very ‘busy’ in terms of sound, not knowing what will come next, Murky Water keeps you on your toes, so to say.

Bulging with building progressions and catchy riffs, EP hosts six quality tracks.

This is a good attempt at a debut EP by a band that are still very much DIY. The future is bright for Gufra, they just need to continue the work and find a massive stand-out feature.

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