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SPRING KING will visit Newcastle 10/2/2016

On 9th February Spring King will head out on tour around the UK. Fresh from supporting Slaves and Spector, I caught up with front-man Tarek Musa about what is happening right now.

Do you have any fond memories of Newcastle?

“Walking by the river is real good – I remember being there years ago in the summer. The last time I was there was with Spector which was sweet. I’ve been on a wild night out in Newcastle but I can’t remember much of it.”

What are you looking forward to most about the Newcastle leg of the tour?

“Playing Think Tank?! I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about that venue and I know there is a good crew coming down for the show. When we were supporting Spector last year in Newcastle, we had a great response for a support act and we definitely made some new fans.”

Having supported Slaves too, did any fans really dig your sets e.g. knew your lyrics beforehand?

“Definitely. Every night we play, we always get a couple of people coming up to us after to say thanks. When we played with Slaves, most nights there was a good amount of people who knew our lyrics and were singing and moshing along to the tunes.”

After playing Reading and Leeds last year, can we expect to see you are more UK festivals this summer?

“Fingers crossed! We’d love to play loads of festivals this summer so hopefully we will make some of the line-ups. Expect us at a few..”

What is the plan for Spring King after the tour?

“After the tour I am guessing that we will just keep on playing shows. We want to put an album out this year.”

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