Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 23.16.49.png

Gufra jamming during the recording process

GUFRA have released their first track that is NOT a demo.

Maze Park is a mellow, dreamy track allowing the listener to drift gently through the three minute track.

Recorded and mastered by Christopher Milnes (Campfires), the Hartlepool five-piece are making a name for themselves on Twitter.

A rattly, plucky guitar opens the tracks before a pining, distant vocal enters at the half-minute mark.

Witty yet simple lyrics such as: “Bring me back to wherever the fuck I belong, or lay me down to rest wherever you’ve gone” interweave over a track that sounds a million miles away from the sound Gufra produced in their demos of Live Slowly, Feel and Murky Water.

Drummer Lewis Flower said of the track: “The track is just a break up song and it is just easy to write shit down when you are feeling shit so it came quite quickly.”

Some of Gufra’s influences are Birmingham indie scene bands Lewis added: “We like Jaws and Peace a lot and wanted a song like Catfish and the Bottlemen’s Hourglass.”

Having recently played in Gateshead, they will continue their north east performances next month by playing a gig with Figmennt in Middlesbrough.

Listen to MAZE PARK here:


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