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Trio-DAUGHTER have produced another ambient masterpiece

DAUGHTER have returned with a new album titled Not To Disappear.

The follow up from debut album If You Leave, the ambient rock band have not disappointed.

Opening with the atmospheric New Ways, there is certainly a newer and fresher aspect to their sound after a three year gap.

Elena Torna’s vocals whisper over the tracks and the drum led Numbers brings back memories of early track Youth. A running away scene is pictured in my mind when I hear this track, similar to what I saw in Youth.

The ‘vibe’ on Not To Disappear is stronger than If You Leave. It is almost as if these were two break-up records and Not To Disappear is the person on the receiving end being stronger.

Using lyrics such as: “I’ll wash my mouth but still taste you” (Numbers), Torna is showing the desire to get over someone.

There is still the signature Daughter sound of pining and loss, but the tracks are not as gloomy. Electronic stylings in the form of Alone/With You feature on the album and burst into a harmonious, synthesised blend.

This more ‘upbeat’ theme continues into the following track – No Care. The racing pulse of the track is so far away from the rest of Not To Disappear’s overall tone. A surprising addition, but a pleasant one nonetheless.

Not To Disappear loops back around to the slow, ambient tone as the album finishes via a burst of energy at the back-end of Fossa.

Ten tracks of the highest quality make Not To Disappear a magnificent album that perfectly soundtracks the bleak January mood.

Order the album here: Daughter – Not To Disappear

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