After a brief Twitter conversation about whether Jaws’ Milkshake is better than Peace’s EP Delicious I have compiled a list of my favourite EPs.

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The four track EP from trio Blaenavon tops the list as my favourite EP. Since being introduced to them in late 2014 I have become obsessed with their sound. They are signed to Transgressive and an album is expected this year. I saw Prague from Koso live in November and it is as good live as it is recorded.

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Another band that I got into in 2014. Jaws’ Milkshake is a record that I wanted so much for ages before paying £65 for it…the original price was £8. Tracks such as Friend Like You and Donut make it worth every penny, I hope to see Jaws play all six tracks from this EP at a show at some point. Their last two Newcastle gigs have been sick.

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This EP got me into Moose Blood. Since buying it on slick green vinyl I have fallen more and more in love with the band. Bukowski and Carbis Bay are stand out tracks on this EP, but don’t forget Evening Coffee. If you check out one band tonight make sure it is Moose Blood. I am lucky enough to have seen them last year and with a second LP coming out they are sure to tour again!

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After watching Submarine in film studies during my time at college I fell in love with the soundtrack. If Alex Turner was ever to do a solo tour I would easily pay a three figure sum for a ticket. Stuck On The Puzzle, Hiding Tonight and a stripped back version of Piledriver Waltz make the soundtrack of Submarine my fourth favourite EP.

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One of the most desireable records to own. Rarely popping up on eBay and Discogs Peace’s EP Delicious holds four tracks of the highest quality. A cover of 1998 features on the EP as well as the fantastic Bloodshake. I found Bloodshake a few years back but refused to pay £8 for the vinyl edition. What a poor life choice as it now sells for £100+.

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THE 1975 – SEX EP

I went from loving to hating to loving The 1975 again. Before their album came out and Sex, Chocolate and The City were ‘underground’ tunes. Now it is great to look back at the likes of Sex EP to see their raw masterpieces such as Sex and You. The 1975 released their EPs on vinyl for the first time on Record Store Dy 2015 and I was lucky enough to grab Sex. I think it is my favourite EP of theirs.

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Four tracks by the Manchester band came out just before fourth studio album Concrete Love. Title track How Good It Was is, in my opinion, up there with the best material that Courteeners have ever released. Sunflower is a lovely, mellow, acoustic track whereas Why Are You Still With Him has a ‘dark’ feeling. A great mixture that ended up on their recent release Extra Love.

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I didn’t really know much about Tame Impala when I bought this EP on vinyl. Arctic Monkeys had just covered Feels Like We Only Go Backwards so the band name was fresh in my mind. I saw it on the shelf in Sound It Out records and took a risk buying it – great life choice. Half Full Glass Of Wine has became my favourite Tame Impala track and it features on this EP.

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I can’t remember how I was introduced to Sundara Karma to be honest. Most probably a suggested video on YouTube, but I’m glad I found them. Fan favourites The Night and Loveblood appear on EP 1 by the indie band. Heading out on tour this spring you would be mental not to head down!

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One of Arctic Monkeys’ earlier releases, WTFAAM is a brilliant, raw release from the Sheffield legends. No Buses, an early version of The View From The Afternoon and Despair In The Departure Lounge make up 3/5 of the EP. 11 years later, no one that hasn’t been living under a rock can ask the question in a serious manner.

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What are your favourite EPs? Please leave a comment!

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please note – Courteeners and Sundara Karma did not have any of their mentioned EP tracks on SoundCloud so I filled them in with other tracks by said bands…

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