DIVE is SHAMU’s debut track

Newcastle band Shamu will release debut single Dive on 22nd January.

The track opens with an atmospheric, glistening, repeated sequence before a ghostly vocal softly emerges. Like with most electronic pieces, the stand-out feature on Shamu’s first release are the recurring sequences that are ever-present throughout the track.

As the chorus nears, the vocals intensify and the track introduces a drum-kit and changes to a more upbeat rock sound. “Dive!” is exclaimed as we reach the chorus, sinking the sound into more alt-rock than the previously heard electronic aspect of Shamu’s vibe.

Two-piece Jonathon Evans and Samuel Hodgson have created a massive catchy anthem and after a few listens the lyrics start to become more prominent. Those such as: “Dive deep down, take a breath, it’s not over yet,” stick with you. It is the kind of track that you will be humming without even realizing it.

Bob Fischer from BBC Tees has already featured Dive on his show – it will be interesting to hear more from the Newcastle duo.

Dive was produced by James Haselhurst at The Grain in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and will be available to download at shamu.bandcamp.com and to stream on all major services from 22/01/16.

A music video has been created for Shamu’s debut track has been created by Paddy Thomas. Watch it here:

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