SEAFRET are set to release debut album TELL ME IT’S REAL

Bridlington duo Seafret will drop their debut album Tell Me It’s Real on January 29th.

Jack Sedman and Harry Draper deliver an album of the highest quality packed with delicately plucked strings, similar to Jack Johnson’s In Between Dreams album, that burst into explosive ballads.

Tell Me It’s Real opens with Missing – from track one it is clear to see the raw talent that comes from Seafret. Considering Seafret are still playing small venues, Missing shows the world a powerful vocal over an anthem that would not sound out of place in an arena.

There are more mellow and chilled out tracks such as Give Me Something and the James Morrison/Daniel Merriweather-esque Breathe. These mixed in with the likes of heartfelt title track Tell Me It’s Real has allowed Seafret to burst onto the scene with their debut record.

Singles Wildfire (the video for this track was inspired by an experiment to see if strangers really could fall in love at first sight) and Oceans (which features Game Of Thrones’ star Maisie Williams in the music video) feature on the debut feature length.

Raw emotion is an obvious characteristic of Tell Me It’s Real and that theme continues into the second half of the album in tracks such as Be There and Skimming Stones. Sedman’s vocals have the sound that you would expect to hear over rain lashed cinematography – they would go together beautifully (hint to anyone wanting to make a music video).

Seafret have a lot of potential with Tell Me It’s Real. I feel that if you want to get the most out of this band you NEED their album in your life – don’t just take my word for their brilliance.

Watch the Oceans video here:

Order the album here: Seafret – Tell Me It’s Real Deluxe CD

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