After deciding to start a band whilst watching Peace, Lunar are storming Manchester. Tonight they will play to a sold out Sound Control, a massive achievement for a band with only one professionally recorded track (Our Way).

Lead singer Sam Carson says that “the nerves are kicking in”, not surprising considering his idol Liam Fray played there just before Christmas last year. On Tuesday Lunar played a warm up gig that was riddled with technical difficulties so hopefully Sound Control will run smoothly.

The band come from Manchester, but don’t categorise them as ANOTHER typical Manc indie band; Sam takes this “with a pinch of salt,” challenging them to “see us live then you’ll see we’re more than an indie band.”

Like most bands nowadays Lunar have had to fund the start-up of their musical career themselves, recording and producing Our Way has “financially ruined” them. That being said though, a studio where Blur recorded has asked them to record there; an opportunity that is hard to turn down for a new band. “They (the studio) got in touch saying they’d like to produce our next song, which still baffles me,” said Sam.

This financial pressure combined with the appetite of success is something that Sam takes responsibility for. He says: ” I always take compliments or criticism quite personally so if someone calls my song shit, I feel like it’s personal.” Great news for him though – Lunar have already been compared to Courteeners and Catfish and the Bottlemen.

Getting a strong fan base is important for any band, Lunar have the opportunity to do this next with when they have the opportunity to support another upcoming band – The Sherlocks. However, for this to go ahead they need to sell another 40 tickets from this link (buy from Lunar option). This gig would be massive for Lunar. “It’d be the biggest gig we’ve ever done to 500 people and the opportunity is insane. I got a call off Brandon Crook (The Sherlocks’ drummer) out of the blue asking us if we fancied it!”

Lunar have gone from strength to strength in the short period of time they’ve been around, only formed in March and already selling out iconic venues in a city where music is their forte.

Can they really be the next big thing though? “We’ve had nothing but positive feedback and we’ve had people coming up saying they’ve enjoyed it which is always great to hear. I think we could do it, it all depends on how well Our Way goes down.”

But what is the overall goal for Lunar? Sam dreams of Heaton Park, saying: “since I saw The Stone Roses there a few years ago I’ve wanted to, and it’s right round the corner from me.” Very convenient. Sam continues: “When I saw Jamie T at Manchester Academy, it was all I talked about for at least a month! We want people to have the same experience!”

There are a few tickets on the door at Sound Control tonight, try your luck down there!

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