Playing a string of stranger venues than expected, The Vaccines embarked on a UK tour, stopping last night at Hartlepool’s Borough Hall

The tour was to promote various tracks from upcoming album English Graffiti, from what was showcased last night it is going to be a banging album Also on the setlist were classics from the first two albums

So, what did we expect from the Vaccines? Loud music, full of energy, bouncing crowd? All were present last night and it was amazing to see one of my favourite bands in my hometown.

Opening with Teenage Icon it was carnage from there on, the only breathers were when the new tracks such as Dream Lover were performed. One of their best releases (in my opinion) Wetsuit was played, leaving the crowd arm in arm swaying. A rare chilled moment.

The debut album was a masterpiece so getting Wrecking Bar, Blow It Up, Post Break Up Sex and If You Wanna on the setlist was a real treat for the fans.

It would’ve been a waste of an opportunity if latest single Handsome wasn’t included on the night. After listening to it endlessly this week, hearing it live has made it so much more of an enjoyable track.

Closing the set was another new track called 20/20, a very enjoyable piece that will hopefully stay on the setlist if I get to see them again. It wouldn’t be a Vaccines gig without Norgaard though, would it?

The crowd were in raptures, limbs everywhere, hearts being sung out by the sold out Borough Hall.

It is highly unlikely that Hartlepool will ever get the Vaccines back, however, recently we’ve had The Kooks, Pigeon Detectives, Morrissey and Frank Turner so we have to stay optimistic.

If you get the chance to see the Vaccines on this tour, or next when the album comes out, I strongly advise going.

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