Aussie psych rockers Tame Impala played two sold out UK headline gigs before their slot at Bestival.

Playing Glasgow’s Barrowlands and Liverpool’s Olympia, they performed hits from new albums Currents, along with tracks from previous albums Lonerism and Innerspeaker.

Last night it was Liverpools turn to be entertained by Kevin Parker and co. supported by Pond frontman and former Tame Impala bassist Nick Allbrook. The crowd was full of fans from all over the UK, as well as a couple of Estonians. Crazily dedicated fanatics!

Tame Impala kicked off their set with Let It Happen, this combined with the lasers overlaying the band was both a visual and audio dream.

Rattling through Lonerism tracks Mind Mischief and Why Won’t They Talk To Me? before Currents hit (and personal favourite from the album) The Moment. The tracks were introduced by Parker in his typically humble approach, almost apologising that the band had never visited Liverpool before.

It is rare to find a band that are as good, if not better, live as they are recorded. Tame Impala definitely don’t disappoint. Every note is flawless and nothing is held back, a true spectacle of live music. This was displayed brilliantly when one of their most well known songs was played – Elephant!

Limbs were everywhere and carnage was sparked by Parker’s “are you all ready” rhetorical question, asking both seating and standing. From front to back it was impossible to find anyone standing still.

The atmosphere was returned to the previous mellow when Currents hits The Less I Know The Better and Eventually were executed. The instrumentation was exquisite throughout before ‘finishing’ on the mind-bending Apocalypse Dreams.

It really was a pleasure to see such a masterpiece in the flesh, everything throughout the duration of the song was very dream-esque; everything from the music and visuals to the fans singing their hearts out. The venue was swaying, a beautiful sight.

As most bands do nowadays Tame Impala came back on to play their ‘greatest hit’ Feels Like We Only Go Backwards. Parker introducing it as “a bit sing-a-long-y.” It certainly was, the full capacity belting it out.

The night came to an end as Tame Impala played my all time favourite – Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control. Blending their usual chill self with a massively upbeat energy was fantastic.

Each member left the stage one by one to a rapturous applause. Incredible end to an amazing night.

Tame Impala play Manchester and London next year – you’d be crazy not to go!


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