Wow. Kevin Parker has done it again. This time though incorporating his psychedelic prowess into dance based tracks on upcoming album Currents.

After the release of Let It Happen and Cause I’m A Man I was eagerly anticipating the new album, and oh boy have I been impressed. Everything from the repetition of the synthesizers to the echoing of Parker’s dreamy vocals is flawless.

The Australian psych outfit have fascinated fans everywhere with this follow up to Lonerism. It was a hard task to better both Lonerism and Innerspeaker, but Tame Impala have somehow managed it.

For something that was written, produced and recorded by Parker himself it is simply incredible to have such a ear-pleasing album finally out and able to listen to.

Currents takes you on a journey. From the head nodding groove of The Less I Know The Better to the mind bending Reality In Motion. Any of the tracks from Currents could be used as instrumentals and soundtrack the year 4050. An absolute space age masterpiece.

Personal highlights for me are The Moment – an eighties kind of feel with misty vocals that linger for what seems a lifetime. Another is Past Life – an ensemble of deep, galactic, distanced voice at the start before breaking into a distorted breakdown. Interweaving this into yet more harmonized Parker vocal it is a perfect blend of bliss.

It should be interesting to hear these songs live in Liverpool (September 9th) and set listing them in between Innerspeaker and Lonerism tracks is the recipe for a perfect night of space age psych.

Without a doubt this is, for me, the album of 2015! Solid 10/10 performance all round. Excellent.

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