Hi all, it would appear that Peace’s highly anticipated second album has finally reached me. After waiting in all day yesterday and not receiving it, the postman put in a great shift and brought it today.

I am massively impressed by it, both physically and musically. Having ordered the standard vinyl with my ticket to the March tour (Newcastle 5th and 7th March if anyone wants to say hello) I decided to order the deluxe version too.

The standard version comes on a yellow vinyl, the same colour as the sleeve. The deluxe include this record as well as a ‘bonus’ blue vinyl featuring eight more songs. Both are signed by the band, there may still be some signed ones available at their official store..

So, musically? As brilliant yet fun indie pop as you’d expect from Peace. The way that the band dripped different songs such as Money, World Pleasure, Lost On Me, I’m A Girl, Fur, Flirting USA (and Someday on Zane Lowe’s show last week) to fans was a clever way of reassuring them that they are taking the follow up to In Love seriously.

Stand out tracks after listening are Under the Moon – this feels like the Happy People equivalent of California Daze in the sense it is very mellow but could still be a crowd pleaser at live shows. Another favourite of mine is Perfect Skin. I’m not sure about anyone else but this has a Strokes kind of feel to it, something I am a huge fan of.

Being under two minutes long is no problem for Love Me. The kind of song that would be played before the band leave the stage before an encore, a very interesting track and incorporates Peace’s fun element fantastically. Someday is a beautifully written track, are we all assuming that it is about Billie Porter? I certainly think so.

I waited so long for this album and avoiding temptation of downloading the leak, same as when the Balcony (Catfish and the Bottlemen) was leaked back in September. It did not fail to deliver.

If you haven’t heard Happy People yet you’re missing out.

What are your thoughts on the album? Do you prefer In Love? Have you seen any tracks live yet? Let me know on Twitter.


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