Over the past year, Catfish and the Bottlemen have went from strength to strength and this week started another sold out UK tour. The rise of the band even led to them getting best mates Little Comets to support them on the tour.

Last night (26th March) they played to a near 2000 people, all eager to catch the band while they’re still playing the Academy venues. After seeing them at Middlesbrough’s Westgarth Social Club last May you could tell that they were going to get massive!

Fresh from a US tour and still banging out tunes from the Balcony, the performance was near flawless, the only problem was the lack of ASA! After playing it in Leeds and Glasgow my hopes were high, only to be shattered by the lack of it.

Still though, can’t fault the setlist, once again playing the Balcony in full, just like they did back in November at Newcastle’s Academy 2.

For someone that has seen the band before, I had a vague idea of the order that the tracks would be played, yet Catfish and the Bottlemen still manage to blow me away. Opening with Rango the crowd were going crazy from there on.

Rattling through Pacifier, 26, Homesick and personal favourite Business there really is no stopping the band on their rise to the top. Anyone that hasn’t had the pleasure of seeing them yet, I strongly advise you buying a ticket, or at least make them your priority at a festival over the summer.

Playing Hourglass acoustically is always a special moment, the crowd being calm for three minutes and holding each other affectionately. A wise idea to take a breather during this and just embrace the love being shown around the Academy.

Tyrants closed the set as usual, I’ve now seen them six times yet Tyrants always amazes me. The instrumentation is phenomenal and the energy given off the band is crazy.

I’m lucky enough to have a ticket for the Shepherds Bush date next Wednesday, if anyone is seeing/has seen Catfish and the Bottlemen on this tour, treasure it before they hit arena and stadium status.


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