Madrid girlband Hinds have released debut album Leave Me Alone.

After teasing fans by bringing out Very Best Of Hinds So Far before an album it was clear that Hinds had the material for a feature length release.

The vibe is summery (strange for a January release), the tracks are catchy and the overall impression is that Hinds can be your new favourite band.

Vocals come from both Carlotta Cosials and Ana Garcia Perotte, overlaying instrumentation that has a sixties twang blended with slack and fresh rock and roll. The Madrid sunshine kisses tracks such as Fat Calmed Kiddos and the reverb on the likes of San Diego completes the whole feel good, ‘I wish it was summer’ attitude that the girls bring to the table.

Admittedly, four songs from Leave Me Alone had already been released by the likeable four piece. Those include Bamboo, Castigadas En El Granero (Grounded in the barn), San Diego and Chili Town. Those tracks that were previously unreleased are not worse than what fans had already heard, the vibe is consistent and the Spaniards’ quality is constant throughout.

I was introduced to Hinds last summer while working at Deer Shed Festival and the band were just hanging around, looking cool. When they went on stage, their presence was magnificent and it will be delightful to see them again next month now they have much more material to pluck favourites from.

The group are set to play Reading and Leeds, as well as their own headline shows next month. Hinds will play TEN headline UK dates including London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Glasgow.

Get tickets here: Hinds UK Tour


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